A-class surfacing (also referred to as STRAK) represents a term used specially in the world of automotive design. It represents a creation of 3D surface data models of all visible surfaces of exterior and interior all of which must accommodate aesthetic aspects and technical requirements.

A-class expression means premium quality in the field of surface modeling of visible shapes and involves clearly defined processed and controlling principles for quality level of finalized surfacing models. A high-end industrial software application called ICEM Surf is used to produce such models by all of our STRAKER professionals.

Finalized styling data saved in a 3D model file(s) or so-called scan of a clay model are usually used as initial input for A-class modelling. Our main task or challenge respectively is to edit or augment such model according to all relevant technical requirements such as manufacturing feasibility, functionality, ergonomic properties with regards to product’s aesthetic and optical aspects.

“From clay to surfaces of the highest quality”

The entire process incorporates several loops or rounds with respective milestones, whereas each must provide a complete 3D model to be able to analyze and validate every phase in respect to the proposed design and technical function. Thanks to their experience and project management acumen, our specialists can effectively find the targeted balance between the requirements for design and engineering aspects, coming from various E&D departments. It is mainly due to these qualities that we are able to secure and guarantee feasibility and productive application of all the proposed models.

This complete process takes approximately two calendar years, in the course of which a continuous discussion amidst all involved departments runs with an objective to ensure that the final product (a vehicle) fulfills all necessary characteristics and properties while bringing forth something new, innovative in terms of design, function, and technology.