STRAKER limited was founded in 2016 by a team of specialists with advanced skills and experience in the realm of design and development of automobiles and other modes of transportation. It is for more than 18 years since we have been working with and for leading automotive OEMs, executing projects for new vehicle exteriors and interiors.

We provide complete portfolio of services in automotive design and development. It is particularly A-class surfacing which represents our specialty and involves modeling of 3D surfacing data for all visible aspects of any vehicle at their highest quality standards. Furthermore, we deliver services in the area of design support and CA styling, both representing initial stages during any product inception and development. We utilize ICEM Surf software application to provide all of the above listed solutions.

“We know best what we do and deliver."

Car digitization calls for robust and proactive information security management. For us as service providers, simply not only in the automotive industry, the challenge is to uncover and mitigate the digital risks that this time brings. Based on these facts, in 2017 we decided to implement the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System. Due to our specialization, which is undoubtedly the automotive and transportation industry domains, we made a key decision in 2019, in the implementation of the TISAX standard - Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange. This standard was developed by the VDA, which consists of more than 600 members operating in the automotive industry, and defines a set of generally accepted safety requirements. In 2022, we were successfully certified.

STRAKER s.r.o. is based in the Czech Republic, which has a deep tradition in the automotive industry. Our development offices are located in the town of Hořice v Podkrkonoší and in the regional city of Hradec Králové.

Due to the fact of having majority of international customers, we have gained a substantial acumen and established synergistic platform for execution of multiple off-site projects at any time. A productive set of state-of-the-art tools for project management, client communication, data sharing and storage have been successfully implemented.

We are here to exceed your expectation