There has to be an idea at every beginning. In order to materialize that one thought, one must undergo a full product development process all up to its very physical realization. It (the product) all starts with hand and digital sketches which serve as basis for 3D conceptual model that follows.

This model can be transformed into an animated visual study to better demonstrate and present the idea. It is when aesthetics, innovation and primarily also functionality become main focus. The ultimate 3D conceptual model is then used for further processing into CAD data, which serve as a base for creation of A-class surfaces, product development and consequent prototype production.

“From an idea all the way to its 3D concept model.”

In our automotive design services portfolio, we also specialize in concept modeling, as being one of the initial phases, where we convert 2D sketches into the 3D space. It is at this point, where 3D model comes to life and defines all major shapes and proportions of a particular automobile.

We usually utilize 2D sketches and drawings created by stylists and designers along with multiple files of key exterior and interion components to help us define the space within which we are able to incept the model. It is here at this very point, where close collaboration between surface modeler and designer becomes crucial as the designer manages the complete process and provides guidance in respect to the looks of the final model. We normally work with several design options concurrently each leading to a creation of its final model. These are then compared, analyzed with the best one selected as most suitable and feasible for further development and engineering of a given vehicle.

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