Exterior design represents an identity of every renowned car maker. It is thanks to the exterior looks which help clearly identify one’s brand amidst all other competitors. Every automobile manufacturer deploys specific identity marks projected into all of its car models. For example, these are front grills, so typical for numerous automotive brands

It is namely car’s exterior design which combines principles of aerodynamics, aesthetics and ergonomics on one side. On the other side, the same exterior must fulfill the requirements of international homologation norms and standards of safety and quality.

Our company caters its clients with complete solution of exterior surfacing models with know-how of principles and norms for their creation. Particularly, we deal with the following car exterior aspects: front and rear bumper, front hood, front end and grill, spoilers, fenders, body side panel, roof, trunk, aluminum wheel rims, etc.


Comfort is the key for a car’s interior. One has to feel well and comfortable when in a vehicle. At the same time, interior’s design and deployed materials are also essential as they aid to dictate interior’s overall impression. The comfort’s impressions are also determined by the interior’s functionality and ergonomics of its control features. As in case of the exterior, every interior must comply with well- defined requirements and standards.

Our company provides complete solutions of surface models for all interior modules and components such as instrumental panel, center console, door trims, pillars, headliner, trunk’s interior, seats, steering wheel, other interior accessories, etc.


Even though the lights are generally part of any car’s exterior, they have made for a separate category on their own. They substantially influence overall appearance of the cars and give them a unique expression. Thanks to new technologies such as LED, today, the exterior designers can propose and express almost any style of their typical graphic imprint.

Every auto manufacture tries to express itself with its typical graphics of lights, which help it to differentiate from its competition. Of course, also in case of automotive lighting, there are clearly prescribed homologation norms and regulations to be followed. Our company provides expertise and complete solutions in terms of complete surface modelling of automotive lights, including engineering support for lights development and know-how in LED technology. Namely, head lights, rear lights and fog lights present the major lighting modules we have successfully been modelling and processing within our teams of specialists.


Quality of 3D surface models is not exclusively important in the automotive industry, however. Other transportation segments require the same. Our company offers and delivers the same scope of services and standards to industries outside the scope of the automotive segments. The principles and rules of surface model creation remain identical.

At STRAKER, we have rich experience with creation of surface models for other modes of transportation, for example, motorcycles, quads, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, slingshots, trains, etc.